Various Types of Driving Programs

If you want to learn how to drive a car it is always best to sign up with a professional school that offers options in this regard. There are many different advantages that you stand to gain when you enroll with a professional tutor. Apart from getting important tips and details on how to effectively operate a car own your own, they also provide theoretical education and practical exposure so that each student gets am all round education.

These schools offer various types of driving courses in Calgary that students can choose from based on their convenience and level of expertise. The standard program that is approved by the government consists of classroom instruction by expert tutors for a period of 15 hours. Apart from this each student will also get about 10 hours of practical exposure behind the wheel of a car. Both of these types of sessions together will help transform you from a novice into a confident and responsible driver.

This program also entitles students to be picked up and dropped off at locations of their choice, during the lessons on the road. It also includes a mock test that will help you prepare better for the final test that awaits each student at the end of the course. Other driving courses in Calgary contain options where you can complete the classroom sessions online. For those who are not confident even after ten hours of practical exposure, there are extended sessions. Shorter refreshers programs are available for more experienced drivers.

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