Be the Most Charming Bride in Town

Wow! The magic moment has arrived to choose your bridal lehenga!! 

Your wedding day will soon arrive, and you and your groom will exchange vows and pledges to spend the rest of your lives together-the most wonderful moment in a bride’s life-busting with expectations, excitement, and joy. Well, so be it.


Isn’t it true that your attention has now been drawn to ordering a bridal lehenga of your choice?

Previously, you just had one choice: go to a fashion store and get a lehenga of your choice or place an order for a customized one. However, you may now, also, order a customized lehenga online.

Just a few relevant video interactive sessions, measurements sharing, trial checks, and tweaks; and your coveted wedding lehenga is delivered to at your appointed address-isn’t it simple?


Visits to your favorite fashion boutique to order wedding attire are also very interactive and hence, gratifying.

Anyway, you order your bridal lehenga, there are a few cautions that you must remember and take care of before you finally “Yes” your lehenga you have set your heart upon.

  • Shopping for a Wedding lehenga to be done a month or two prior to the wedding.
  • Know what exactly do you want in a lehenga you are looking for. Lest the choice is endless.
  • Choose your jewelry and discuss with the designer for a suitable/matching lehenga.
  • Avoid Impulse buying-be it a lehenga, or any other related accessories and pairings.
  • Check for your overall look-with makeup, etc. – before settling for a design.
  • Opt for reputed fashion designers like GetEthnic for your wedding attires.
  • Look out for the upcoming graceful design trends.
  • Be choosy of the reference person you take along.


With the above suggestions in mind, consult with your designer on the suitable lehenga design for your body type. Some of the most common general category women body shapes are as follows: Hour-glass, inverted triangle or apple, triangle or pear, and a rectangle shape.

And further, it’s not uncommon to find variations within a single body type. Furthermore, there exist body forms that are a mix of the above-mentioned common body shapes.

As a result, a free-flowing flared Lehenga with exquisite blouses with varied neck and back cut/designs are appropriate and comfortable for most common body types.


Conversely, for an athletic and petite body types, a good fit straight lehengas with matching or contrasting blouses suit the best for such body types.

Brides, today, prefer trendy lehenga outfits over out-and-out traditional options and hence the latest designers lehenga outfits are found to be a subtle fusion of tradition and modernity.


Further, for a charming and captivating look, a lehenga color should in harmony with your skin tone. Lighter skin tone brides should opt for hues of pink, yellow or light blue. Duskier skin tones should prefer light grey, mauve, or light olive green. Fair-looking brides should go in for shades of auspicious red or maroon.

The idea is that the color of your bridal lehenga should complement your overall beauty, charm, and charisma.

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